From Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani to Mukdaharn to Savannakhet

This is a small guide I prepared, as when I ws looking for information about how to go from Ubon Ratchathani to Mukdaharn to Savannakhet online, I could not find much. I hope it helps you!

We travelled for 8 hours in the Nakhonchai Air Bus on the way they served snack , drink, milk, rice and cold napkins included in the price .

We arrived in Ubon Ratchathani in the early morning.
Me and Luca were very tired but luckily the Sri – Isan hotel where we stay has free Wi-Fi, so we can relax and work in the room.
This time we plan to visit southern of Laos.
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How to address other people in Thailand

Referring to my previous post.

Why I said “kòp koon kha” (Thai Word ) to Uncle who I was talking to in Laos.

Because in Thailand…

if somebody is older than you , you say “thank you ” to you he/she will say “kòp jai” this is polite and right in Thailand as like as “kòp koon” .

If somebody says “Thank You” to their friend they can say”kòp koon“or” kòp jai” , this is right too.

If somebody says “Thank You” to someone they respect or older than them they will use “kop koon” or “kòp prá koon” not use “ kòp jai“.

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Italy Part 3 – Visit to Venice

nice view and I took it The summer this year in Italy is very hot, Luca’s papa; told me and he asked me to go back to Italy again.
It’s very different from when I was in Italy on April in last year.
The weather was very cold for me, as everyday it was 15-16 degrees.
I remember when I stay in Luca’s house for almost one week.
One day Luca said to me “Why don’t we go to Venice today”
Even if I feel very cold and don’t want to go out.
But when I heard “Go to Venice” I was thinking “Wow… go to see Venice, the most romantic city in the world”.
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Meeting Luca's Papa'

papas-the-man-who-have-a-black-sweater.jpgIn front of me now it ‘s an old man age around 70 years old.
He smile for me and hug me in his arms then he said
“Nice to meet you I am Nino”
Yes, He is Luca’s Father.
I am very tired because we get a long train from Laura and Marco’s House to reach Luca ‘s house in the late at night.
After Luca’s father introduced himself I said to him: “Sawasdee Kha” and join my hand to greet him in Thai way.
He looking at me with a smile and a bit surprise and said to me again “Call me Nino” then he said “Nice to meet you”.
I answer “Nice to meet you too” with a low voice again because I feel shy.
I am very nervous to meet him. The man who took care of my boyfriend.

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Indian marriage

new-delhi-sep06-011.jpg4th of May, 2007
During the one month trip in Bali and Malaysia there was no television.
So today in Thailand when I wake up I started my day by watching the news.
I take the remote control and press the button to find a good channel till I stop in one.
It’s not the news but I stop because of an Indian song ( I like Indian songs).
I look what program they are showing now.

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Italy Part 2 – Friendship

It’s in the morning of 2nd of April, on the way from Milan airport Luca’s friend ‘s house.
Along the way I always worried and tired from travel.
I was thinking what should I do or say to Luca’ friend and Luca’s family. They will like me or not.
I still remember my mother and my father’s face when I had told them that I will be in Italy to visit Luca.
Their are shocked and worried because I will travel alone and my father asked me one question “Do you love him?”. My answer “Yes” but I decided to go.
It’s because I want to see Luca’s family and a very important person: Luca’s father.

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Almost won…

Gili TrawanganA week ago in Gili Trawangan Luca had an idea to go to Gili Meno by canoe.
First, I am silent, then I said yes, but if we can find a canoe for 2 persons.
The next morning we were walking and looking for the canoe but we couldn’t find it.
Luca was looking at me and said “Lek, let’s try one each, if you can’t do, just tell me”.
I can do it. I can do it. I keep telling my self after I hear that sentence.
My heart start feeling fear but I said to myself “I must try it maybe I can do it”.

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